Guest Blog: Why Your Business Might Be Costing You


My pal, Matthew Lekushoff, is an outstanding financial adviser. In fact, he’s my financial adviser.  He is nearly pathological in his desire to provide outstanding service to his clients.  (And that’s an exceedingly good thing.)  So, when he puts together an educational piece, I tend to think it’s a good idea to check it out. 

In his blog, he references and links to a white paper he put together.  I recommend you access it and contact Matthew if you don’t have an adviser or if you just want someone to review things for you.  As in business coaching, not all advice is the same. 

By Matthew Lekushoff, CIMA

In some ways, growing up with a successful entrepreneur for a father was great. His construction company built many of the rides and buildings at Canada’s Wonderland, which meant unlimited free passes and popularity for me.

But it had its challenges too. It also meant my dad worked long hours and his life was incredibly hectic. Luckily for us — and partly due to my mother’s insistence (which he didn’t want to test) — he was home every night for dinner. He would drive from his office in Maple to our house in Etobicoke, and then back up to Maple to work past midnight before calling it a day. Working on weekends was a given.

Like any business owner, my dad threw much of his time into running the business, which didn’t leave a lot of time for managing his profits. Even though he’s a very organized person, he needed a lot of help from my mother — probably the most organized person I know. As a stay-at-home mom with three young kids, she also had a hectic schedule (trust me, I was a handful!). Let’s just say she learned to take advantage of naptimes to do the various chores and tasks, including the family’s finances.

In those days, interest rates were high enough that you could manage by simply investing in mortgages or GICs. Unfortunately, in today’s world of low interest rates and a plethora of investment options, the world we live in is much more complicated. Many entrepreneurs I meet today are often at their wit’s end keeping everything together.

This is why I chose wealth management. I hate watching business owners work so hard to grow their companies only to realize they don’t have the time or energy to invest efficiently and their goals get sacrificed.

As a financial advisor, I want to help. The biggest difference between those who reach their financial goals and those who don’t is the extent to which they’re organized! My wealth management practice specializes in helping business owners get organized and optimize their financial lives.

For this reason, I’ve created a detailed white paper to walk you through the vital parts of what you’ll need to ensure you are financially organized. Below are a few of the themes the white paper covers:

o   How to get a clear sense of what to focus on

o   How to get on the right path to achieving your personal and family goals

o   A sure fire way to achieve any reasonable (and some unreasonable) goals you’ve struggled with

o   A strategy to ensure you stay on top of your to-dos

o   A solution if you don’t have any spare time to take care of the above yourself


So, what are you waiting for? Start getting financially organized! Click here for the White Paper.




Matthew Lekushoff is a certified investment management analyst (CIMA), one of less than 200 Canadian advisors with that accreditation. He has been a financial advisor for 17 years, working at Raymond James Ltd.’s flagship Toronto office, The 53rd, since 2008. The opinions are Matthew’s, not necessarily Raymond James’. Raymond James Ltd., Member – Canadian Investor Protection Fund. For more detail on financial organization, see his seven-part series, or to sign up for his newsletter, visit