1-1 Coaching

1-1 Coaching: How You Can Achieve Your Best

Are You Ready?

Business is a tough game.  Every high performing player needs a coach to elevate their game and accelerate their success.

The results?

My clients have experienced 7 & 8 figure exits and 7 figure incomes. They have reduced their time in the business while enjoying higher profits.  They’ve created cultures that inspire them and their people. They’ve expanded into new territories and new product or service lines.  And they’ve enjoyed having positive impacts on their communities

And they’ve done it while remaining true to their own principles, allowing them to feel proud of and at peace with their accomplishments.

Don’t you want the same?  Don’t you deserve it?

This is not a curriculum-based program.  All the work is custom to your situation and your priorities.  My role as your coach is 4-fold:

  • 1)  I help analyze your financials, your culture and the way you work your business to help you determine a focused set of scheduled actions to drive your progress.
  • 2)  There are a host of skills that most business owners haven’t honed. From understanding financials, to recruiting and managing, from strategic planning to sales skills and more, I help train you and your team as needed.
  • 3)  As an entrepreneur, you’re answerable only to yourself. And if you decide to let yourself off the hook, your goals can drift away.  I consider myself your most unreasonable friend.  I hold you accountable to your own goals.
  • 4)  A Confidante. Often, entrepreneurs don’t have someone they can turn to who they can trust with their experiences.  Business can be tough.  But you may not want to tell your friends, as they don’t “get it”.  You may not want to tell your family or staff as they might worry and become stressed.  While I do not in any way hold myself out as a counsellor or therapist, I am often the one person my clients know they can talk to where there is no judgment and only a supportive ally.

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Warren Coughlin – JumpStart Coaching Inc.