The Key To Free


“When are you no longer needed?”


I was asked this question a couple of times recently.  It’s a reasonable question.  As a business coach, when am I finished with a client? 


I’ll start with a politician-style, qualified answer: It generally depends on what a client is looking for.  Ultimately, once clients have reached their goals and have the ability to continue on their own, they may decide to go it alone. 


But let me reframe the question.  When do I personally feel that a business owner has achieved a level freedom that is sufficiently sustainable that it will endure? 


For these purposes, freedom means having a business that continues to grow profitably, while delivering predictably reliable and positive experiences to customers without the owner’s daily operational involvement.  In my experience, for a business owner to enjoy this freedom, three conditions must exist:


1)   a second tier of management who buy into vision of the organization and who are responsible for daily operations

2)   a management dashboard that tracks the key drivers of the business success so you can manage the business from a distance

3)   A high performance culture


Once these three conditions exist, you can have the confidence that your business will continue to run without you there, allowing you to focus on strategic growth, on new businesses, on philanthropy or on leisure. 


If you’re not sure how to create these three conditions, I can help you. 


In the meantime, in the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing some thoughts about building a high performance cultures, which, in my experience, is foundational to the other 2 elements being successful.


Stay tuned.