Specialized Training

I'm frequently asked to help with specific training. Here are a few kinds of training that folks have enjoyed

Sales Training That Matters

Sales solves a host of problems. But not if you’re like the guy in this photo. The problem is that, if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you went into business without much formal sales training. And even if you’ve hired salespeople, you may be as shocked as I have been at how many “professional salespeople” have little or no sales training.

The sales training I introduce to companies has two elements. The first is training in the core skills a salesperson needs so they can ethically and professionally move a prospect from curiosity to purchase. While there are a number of steps and techniques, the essence of the training is to help sales folks be both likable and credibly competent such that the prospect trusts them to advance through the sales process.

The second element is the sales process itself. Most entrepreneurial organizations, even if they have competent salespeople, are weak in sales management. The result is that many prospects drift away because they aren’t properly tended and many salespeople never achieve their full potential.

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Management That Matters

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’ve likely never had training in how to manage people.  As your business grows, you hire others to help manage.  But how do you train them to manage when you’ve had no training yourself.  The result is that you’re not using best practices in managing your people.

As a result, I’m frequently asked to help train managers in coaching and managing their teams.  Topics include delegation, coaching, giving feedback, providing recognition and managing time.

Most people who quit a job don’t actually quit the company.  It’s usually a problem with their manager.  Therefor this training can dramatically affect employee retention and productivity.

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A High Performance Culture That Matters

A lot of large organizations bring in consultants who take literally months and 10’s of thousands of dollars to help articulate their values and cultures. This is generally too large a commitment of time and money for the average entrepreneur to stomach.

I’ve developed and refined a process that, in about 4 hours, leads to an inspiring description of the organization’s High-Performance Culture, along with clearly described behaviours that produce that culture and an action plan for its successful development.

Why is this so important? Well, to put it succinctly, a High-Performance Culture gives you a massive competitive advantage. Here’s why.

In North America, about 70% of employees are disengaged and “up for grabs.” Only about 7% trust their employer to look out for their best interest. And 1/3 of folks under the age of 35 are in their first year with their current employer. All that means people aren’t happy or motivated. And that means they aren’t productive or giving their best to customers or the company.

With a High-Performance Culture, you attract and keep better people who work harder and care more. The result? Higher profits, happier customers, and less stress.

I’d be happy to help you achieve that.

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Presentations That Matter

Presenting to an audience is one of the most highly leveraged and high impact ways of connecting and persuading. And yet, very few people train themselves to make maximum impact. What’s worse, many avoid the opportunities to speak because they are afraid to do so.

Give my experiences as a strategist, a salesperson and as an actor/theatre director, I’ve developed a unique and simple framework for transforming even the most timid and uncomfortable speaker into a credible and respected presenter.

Most presentation training focuses either on “how do I look and sound like a speaker” or “how do I design my slides.” While these are both important, they are far from comprehensive. The training I’ve developed embraces strategy and structure, stagecraft, principles of persuasion and, of course, how to draw out your best performance, based on your unique gifts and style. The motto of the program is “Be You, But More So.”

This is super-fun. I’ve delivered this training to startups at The Canadian Film Centre and DMZ, to senior executives at Canadian Teachers’ Pension Fund and other organizations as well as to many entrepreneurs and their senior teams.

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Warren Coughlin – JumpStart Coaching Inc.