Strategic Focus

Strategy: How To Focus On What Matters Most!

Whack a mole!  It’s a fun game at a fair or carnival.  It’s a terrible business strategy.

Unfortunately, that’s how far too many entrepreneurs run their businesses (or are run by their businesses.)

If you’re in that position, you need to stop the insanity and take control.  If you don’t, this is what happens:

Your growth isn’t controlled, your team isn’t as focused as it could be and you’re probably working too many hours juggling too many responsibilities.

To help with that, I created a tool –The Business That Matters Playbook ™ – that automates the front end of the strategic planning process and guides you through all 7 Stages of effective strategic planning and execution.

Over one month, I will guide you through this tool and 6 of the 7 stages of the process so that you wind up with a clear strategic focus, between 2 and 4 specific strategic priorities, a small number of specific tactics under each priority and a 90 Day Plan that will guide your company’s direction.

In the next month, I’ll help you with the 7th stage: executing the plan.  About 78% of plans fails and they do so largely because of poor execution.

This is what you experience when you achieve the kind of focus that this creates:

  • More control
  • Informed decisions
  • Better decisions
  • Trust in you from your team
  • Trust from you in your team
  • An engaged culture
  • Freedom to focus on what matters most
  • Growth
  • Higher and more predictable profits.

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Warren Coughlin – JumpStart Coaching Inc.