What makes me different?

My approach is best described using what has, sadly, become an overused word: authenticity. I work to build authentic open relationships that are, at their core, collaborative. I’m pretty darn lucky in that I consider my clients my friends. I know them, they know me. There’s no artifice or putting on a face or style.
I listen intensely, I collaborate with you to develop solutions and action plans, together we make sure those plans are put into action and sometimes we debate to make sure we’re uncovering our assumptions. I’m not a d*^k who makes you feel bad. But I don’t just let things slide either
If you’ve said you want to get somewhere, well, we aren’t going to just accept lame excuses for not getting there. And we try to have a laugh or two as we go along.
People who just want to make money but don’t care about their people and only view their customers as walking wallets don’t really inspire me which probably means I’m not best for them.
People who are resistant to feedback, believing they’ve got it all figured out are tough to work with. I mean, why would you want a coach if you already have all the answers?
At the same time, I do like to work with people who have opinions and don’t just blindly accept anything I say. The relationship is such that I know business, you know your business. It’s the combination of the two that makes it work.
From the perspective of gender, I’ve had roughly a 50-50 split throughout my career. So, if any of this sounds like a good fit, let’s chat.