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Our Clients’ Results Speak For Themselves

From A Collapse In Demand To 3 Profitable Services Lines, A Team Of Rockstars, And Healthy Cash Flows.

“Warren’s strategy process and his ability to keep us focused on what matters most has been instrumental in guiding us through the greatest existential risk in the history of my business.”

Mark Dosman
Founder Of Strategic Site Selection
From $35 Million To $75 Million While Creating A “Best Place To Work” Culture.

“His advice, leadership, mentorship, humour, authenticity, and ability to understand my challenges helped me immeasurably”

Deb Niven
Co-Ceo Of Wynford Group
280% Revenue Growth, An Extra $2 Million In Profit, Acquisition Of A New Company And More Time With Family.

“Warren brought to me and my company the expertise that’s driven our success. As a coach, mentor and role model, his combination of fierce commitment to values and to excellence in systems has helped revitalize my business.”

Andrew Markew
CEO Of Whitby Shores Landscaping

System Makes
Complexity, Simple.

Make more money, or make the world a better place? You can actually have both, and it’s not as hard as you think… if you know what you’re doing!

Your Growth Starts Now

I believe in helping business owners. Full stop. Check out my Learning Centre and gain instant access to free books, tools, and resources you can start using immediately.

Things Like:

Control Your Business’s Growth By Building On 3 Foundations:

Two out of three won’t cut it.

Keep Score

If your decisions aren’t data-driven, you’re not making choices, you’re gambling.

Keep Score

If your decisions aren’t data-driven, you’re not making choices, you’re gambling.

Build A Winning Team

You need to support and develop a high-performance culture.

Build A Winning Team

You need to support and develop a high-performance culture.

Follow A Game Plan

Your team can’t win if they don’t know what to do.

Follow A Game Plan

Your team can’t win if they don’t know what to do.


If you’re not completely satisfied with the business coaching plan and direction after 90 days, you’ll get your investment back, no questions asked. But if you follow my proven model, you will be more than satisfied.

Meet Your Business Growth Coach

Business coaching, practicing law, serial entrepreneurship, teaching in college, theatre acting and directing, and sitting on the Boards of Directors of multiple charities. I’ve done a lot of things. I believe these broad and diverse experiences have given me unique insights and perspectives on what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneurial leader.

If there’s one thing over 20 years of coaching has taught me, it is that there is no single approach that works for everyone. Anyone who tells you “THIS” is the only way to succeed, is someone you should run from.

Because of this flexible approach, my clients have enjoyed 8 figure exits, 7-figure salaries, significant impacts, and the freedom that comes from having concrete business skills, a high performance culture, and clarity of direction and purpose.



Should Ask Questions

This can be seen as a bit unfair. Someone who has just started in the previous year or 2 won’t have a track record and they may very well be excellent. So, it’s just one of the considerations that you should bear in mind and I don’t think you should make it solely on this. Having said that, in 2022, my clients experienced an average revenue increase of $2.3 million and an average profit increase of $420,000. And not one saw a downturn. By any metric, those are decent results, with the full disclaimer that I wasn’t in there doing the work; I was coaching them. The results are truly the result of the efforts of the owner.

You have to think that if someone sucks, people aren’t going to keep paying them month after month. My average client retention is about 2.5 years. I like to think they keep me around for a reason.

To be fair and honest, I came to this after years of coaching. What many coaches do (and I used to as well, so I’m not knocking them), is respond to the issues that clients bring up each week. The coaching then helps them address that issue, which is helpful. But if you, the client, aren’t focusing on the most important things, it can all be busy and tactical without moving the needle in the business. Sort of like cleaning the windows while the basement is flooding. So, yes. I do have a very detailed framework and program that produces guaranteed results. See the BTM Foundations System for a summary.

Not enough people consider this question deeply enough. A coaching relationship is an important and sometimes intense one. I’ve had clients tell me that I know them better than their spouses do. That means there needs to be a high level of trust; you need to not just believe, but KNOW that the coach has your best interests at the centre of the relationship.

My approach is best described using what has, sadly, become an overused word: authenticity. I work to build authentic open relationships that are, at their core, collaborative. I’m pretty darn lucky in that I consider my clients my friends. I know them, they know me. There’s no artifice or putting on a face or style. I listen intensely, I collaborate with you to develop solutions and action plans, together we make sure those plans are put into action and sometimes we debate to make sure we’re uncovering our assumptions. I’m not a d*^k who makes you feel bad. But I don’t just let things slide either. If you’ve said you want to get somewhere, well, we aren’t going to just accept lame excuses for not getting there. And we try to have a laugh or two as we go along.

No one is a perfect match for every coach. Nor is every coach a great match for every client. I seem to work best with business owners who have a combined and aligned set of interests such that they want to produce quality experiences for their customer, to run their business according to important values, to make a lot more money so that they can have even greater impacts. Read more about this in our BLOG.

You’re right. If you go to any networking event, you can’t go without speaking to someone who calls themselves a coach. You can read about the differences and about what one you need in this BLOG.

The Business That Matters Podcast

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The Business That Matters Podcast

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My Clients See An Average Revenue Increase Of $2.3 Million and Average Profit Increase Of $430k