Mani Mani, Fishtnk Design Factory

In this episode of Business that Matters, we got the chance to speak with Mani Mani, Founder and Managing Director of Fishtnk Design Factory, an award-winning architectural and product design company, as he shares the effects of sound in a working environment and why it’s great to surround yourself with good people.

Saul Brown, Saul Good Gift Co

In this episode of Business that Matters, we highlight Saul Brown, the Founder and Chief Story Officer at Saul Good Gift Co. Saul shares his journey in creating eco-friendly gift baskets Toronto loves. He delves into the art of creating memorable and impactful gifting experiences that support local artisans and sustainability.

Leonardo Giglio, Tempo Flexible Packaging

This week on Business That Matters, we are joined by Leonardo Giglio, CEO of Tempo Flexible Packaging, an award-winning, fast-growing company specializing in flexible packaging solutions. In this episode, he shares how companies can participate in responsible business practices and bring value to different customers and market segments.

Barb Stuhlemmer, Blitz Business Success

In today’s episode, we get to speak with Barb Stuhlemmer, CEO of BLITZ Business Success, as she shares her insights on why businesses should plan on #ExitStrategies.

Bob Willard, Sustainability Advantage

Learn more on today’s episode as Bob Willard, CEO and Founder of Sustainability Advantage, shares the business benefits of pursuing sustainability and becoming an effective change agent. About Bob Willard: A sustainability champion and leading expert in building business cases for ESG practices, implementing effective reporting frameworks, and driving sustainable procurement strategies.

Joe Lyons-Rising, Data Gives Back

For this week’s episode, we are joined by Joe Lyons-Rising, the Founder and Chief Empathy Officer of Data Gives Back, a unique social enterprise that helps companies drive financial and employee success, who shares his life and insights on social entrepreneurship.

Dawn Mucci

This week the Business That Matters Spotlight welcomes Dawn Mucci, entrepreneur and franchise pioneer, to discuss the vital importance of using your business to make a social impact.

Yvonne Weld

In this week’s episode of the Business That Matters Spotlight, we sit down with Business Growth and SOP Development Specialist Yvonne Weld of the Weld Group, to talk about the importance of processes, consistency, and people. 🎙️

Steve Whiteside

This week the Business That Matters Spotlight welcomes Steve Whiteside, founder and owner of the Franchise Leadership Center (FLC) to discuss the struggles he faced in his journey, how his daughter influenced his perception of the world, and his passion for helping other entrepreneurs to succeed.

Warren Coughlin

In this throwback episode, it’s all about the man himself! Business coach, speaker, planner, and strategist, Warren Coughlin. Join guest host Brett Glover as he speaks with Warren about the keys to business success, the journey of entrepreneurship, and using entrepreneurship to inspire others. “You can make a difference just by taking action!”